What’s So Special About Manicures 💅❤

Hey guys,

Most people would assume the reason I would love nails is because I can make them look nice and cute and blah blah blah. But the real reason is because they are like literally little canvases on my hands. I have so many possibilities to choose from that it almost makes it hard to start painting!

When I was younger, I started going to the nail salon to get my nails done and I would watch the technicians so closely. I didn’t realize that I could do what they did so easily until I put my art background and drawing/painting abilities into painting my nails.

To this day, I know some designs I could do better, and there is much more to learn about perfecting them if I am going to get better. But I love my nails, I love painting them (mostly just finishing them) and I love the reaction people have when they see them.

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Has My Hair Texture Changed?

Hey guys,

So lately I’ve been wearing my hair in stretched styles and I’ve been seeing amazing results. I started doing this earlier this year by doing twist outs, flexirod sets, mini twists and braid outs. I stuck with twist outs because they led to less breakage and the fluffiness that I’m used to, plus they took less time to install because i typically had 6-8 big twists each time.


When I uninstalled my box braids about a week an a half ago, i put them into twists when i would finish a medium sized area. I ended up with a nice, loose twist out and didn’t feel ineeded to wash my hair because my scalp was clear & i just washed it a day before.


My hair was acting funny and was poofier than usual. It waa becoming frustrating to set a style & wake up with nothing that you planned for. So a few days ago i decided i desperately needed a wash and i did just take down my ombre box braids, so i missed my natural curls. I did my  usual wash and go routine with a cowash but my curls weren’t popping like they used to. It had been at least a couple of months since i had seen my natural curl pattern and i could’ve sworn they looked different.

So what was wrong? After much consideration i found that i had too much of my favorite homemade Shea butter in my hair and had been doing water only washing and cowashing for to long. Also, i needed a bit of a trim on my ends because i was noticing some single strand knots & split ends. I was retaining length, had little breakage, but my hair was limp and prone to poofing to uncontrollable levels, all because of my Shea butter. Plus, i made a different mixture when i whipped it and it’s a little different from my original whipped Shea butter so it has been making my hair act differently from what I’m used to. I tried adding coconut oil to it and ive decided it only has a place in my hot oil treatments.



I decided to use my jar of Aunt Jackies Curl La La Curl Defining Custard and my hair behaved similar but not the same as what it did before. I am a big fan of Cantu’s Coconut Curl Defining Cream but i did just pick up the Aunt Jackies because i was looking for a new product, it was a little cheaper and it smelled great.


I now have a flexirod set and plan on getting back into my wash and gos soon. The moral of the story is i should’ve stuck to my original recipe for my whipped Shea butter (duh, zhanéa) and i shouldn’t keep doing water only washing/cowashing and just add shea butter after i do because too much of anything (especially humectants like shea butter) is not good for your hair or your style. I hope this helps you guys with why your styles or curls may not be acting the way the normally do. Try to find out what you’ve been doing differently and you’ll be able to tweak your routine to get back on track.

Coconut Oil (Ew) & My Natural Hair After Protective Styling



   Few people talk about how they care for their hair post braid take down, and while i am in the process of uninstalling my ombre box braids, i can’t help but wonder why my hair is as soft as it’s ever been!
     It’s the coconut oil! Noooo! The reason I’m upset and I’ve come to this conclusion is because i not only know of the great benefits of coconut oil but my experience with coconut oil is horrible.
     When i first installed my box braids, i just randomly started on an unwashed twist out. My hair was fairly clean but then again my hair is so big that i dont necessarily see my scalp as much as i do dry ends or rough strands. When i was almost finished with the braids i decided to wash my hair (washing fresh braids are not condoned, but then again, i installed them myself & knew how to wash them without causing frizz).
    A week later i did an oil rinse and water only wash, only to find that the only oil i had in the house was coconut oil. As soon as i stepped out of the shower, i smelled the coconut oil on my braids & i hated it. The smell lessened  its intensity when it dried, but i still didnt like it. A few days later (i work out /sweat a lot) I decided to wash my hair with a cleansing conditioner but it STILL smelled, so a few days after THAT, i used a shampoo/water/apple cider vinegar mixture and still the scent was in my braids. After almost four weeks (yesterday actually) i decided to take down my braids, only to find that my hair feels sooooo soft & is crazy shiny.
      When i would wash my hair i did use warm water to lift the cuticles on my hair shaft & i would do an oil rinse right after. To seal it in i would use my homemade whipped shea butter that i do whip with coconut oil, and my hair is super shiny & soft, even though I’m not typically worried about how it looks, just more so on how it feels & responds.
     I am going to try adding essential oils to the new jar of raw unrefined coconut oil (bought from walmart) that i just got, because i haaaate the smell (even though my mom loves it & swears by it. Ugh!) I’ll do an updated post on how that works out because i want to keep coconut oil in my regimen.

Beginners Make Up For Brown Girls


I have always wondered about make up and what made it so fascinating. Why girls would pay sometimes outrageous amounts of money, just to change how they looked. I haven’t been into make up and didn’t start trying to be until a few weeks ago.
     I like how I looked with out make up and only had a minor problem every once in a while with my acne scars and hyper pigmentation on my cheeks. At this point, maybe my sophomore year in high school, I was only looking for something to help even my skin tone & get rid of acne scars. I tried proactive & it worked well for a year, and at some point I started weaning off of it because the products & the prices just became too much for fifteen year old me. Keep in mind that i was still straightening my hair & didn’t care about what chemicals i put on my body, just so long as it was simple & worked.
     I started using Neutrogena facial cleansers and they actually broke my face out. I didn’t know what to do so i started researching online what i could do for my skin.
     I still wasn’t into make up & i thought it was only for girls who didn’t like they looked naturally. Of course my opinion has changed seeing how I am learning about make up and how to apply it.
     Flashing forward to present time, i have come a long way compared to what i eat, wear and do to my body. I haven’t straightened my hair in almost two years (which i thought i could never do!), i rarely wear make up but i do play around with it. I still dont see myself as a full faced make up wearer, but i like playing around with bold lipsticks and contour. Im not a big falsies or eye make up wearer just because my eye lashes are naturally long and curly and mascara seems unnecessary for me. And one thing i haven’t felt i needed to do was color my eye brows because they are naturally thick and i can shape them well. The last time i did my eye brows i actually used Nair, the body hair removal cream. I saw it on a YouTube video and loved the results i had so much. So in a nut shell, i use: lip stick, foundation, concealer, setting powder & sometimes a little eye shadow. I don’t know a lot about make up and I am self taught because my mom doesn’t really wear make up either, but we both still look pretty with out it.
     I use make up to enchance features on my face that I like. The first make up I ever got was a lip stick & i loved it and felt I didnt need anything else. What i have learned is that I am lazy so i hate the long process of make up but i also love it because there’s just something about putting on a dolled face that makes me feel a little special, then again, i can get that from having great hair.
     My main focus is to have healthy skin and maybe every few days, ill wear a small amount of make up to enhance or change up my look. And i know there is a lot more to learn and try out.
     Oh! The blue in the picture above is something i wanted to try. I used a blue matte lip stick & blue eye shadow (near the center of face) and glittery black (near the outer eye lid) on my eyes. i also contoured & did a light layer of foundation with small concealed and highlighted spots under my eye brows and under my contour.
     I hope I dont sound like I’m obsessed!

Thanks for reading!

Zhanéa 😊

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Why I Rarely Deep Condition My Hair

What’s the deal with deep conditioning? I guess it’s supposed to moisturize my hair, but what it actually does is leave my hair feeling like a pile of mush and plump. Could I be conditioning to long? Why is it just my hair? Is that how it supposed to feel?

After a while of deep conditioning, I noticed myself not really needing to do it as much as I was. When I first “became” natural (I sort of just stopped pressing/straightening my hair), I thought my hair needed to be healed and covered so that’s what I did. I did have a LOT of damaged hair because of the red to slowly transitioning to weird light brown faze I had going on, but that’s why I had to change what I did.


My hair was pretty brown back then and short compared to more recent pictures.


Now my hair is all black because I have trimmed my ends, sometimes more than necessary, and although I miss my  accidental ombre,


I’m glad it did grow out. I can finally live without breakage because I’ve learned that my hair doesn’t need to be deep conditioned weekly, but a monthly conditioning might suffice. It just takes getting to know your hair over a period of time to see what brings out it’s best qualities.


Even on days like the picture above where I don’t have a lot of definition like I prefer, I still loved my hair because of its volume, length, and how it complimented me. And I’m not a big make up wearer, but I would say my hair takes all the attention anyways, so I wouldn’t bother with it too much. I think I look nice because of my confidence in my hair as well as myself.

For me, it’s low manipulation, heavy butters and creams, scalp massages, & protective styling. My goal is actually waist length hair but I do love my hair how it is because I’ve embraced it and love it all the same.

Ombre Box Braids

Hey guys,

     Just updating you on my most recent protective style, ombre box braids! I love, love, love this style and soon I’ll be posting different styles to put them in.


     They are not the average length of typical braids because of the ombre that I added, so they are on the really long side, but I don’t mind. It gives me the opportunity to do different hair styles that I couldn’t do before as well as show case the cool color.


     The hair that I used is regular kanekalon 2 & 33V. I used a common brand, I’m not sure which one, but its considered generic, plus it was 3 for $5 at my local beauty supply so I grabbed 9! Six of the braid hair was the color 2, which is the closest I can get to my natural hair color, while I bought three of the color red or 33V.
     The reason I didn’t need as much red hair was because I only wanted the color on the tips, plus my method required me to cut each red pack in half, giving me six “short” packs of hair and letting me have enough to complete the braids.

     Let me know what you think and if you have any questions, or if you’d like to see more styles and tips, follow me on Instagram 😊 @naywithazee

Twist Out On Dry Hair


I did this look on dry hair by putting eight twists into my hair. I gently finger detangled and twisted each section. I only left them in for a few hours, but I love big, stretched hair.


I had some homemade whipped shea butter in my hair from a previous style, but I was so tired of using rollers that I just decided to wear a loose twist out. As you may be able to tell, I love big stretched styles and I just recently (within the last two months) have been wearing my hair in some sort of stretched style.


I get my best results on damp or dry, moisturized hair.

Moisturizing Natural Hair

For the moisture seeking,

Every once in a while, I experience crazy dryness of my hair and it freaks me out. My styles don’t hold, I get frustrated and impatient, and around this time I would put my hair in a protective style until I felt like dealing with it.

What I do now is completely different. In this post I will be listing some of the products that work for me and how I use them in my hair.



The first product that I use when revitalizing my hair is plain ol’ water mixed with aloe vera juice. At first, I was skeptical in using juice in my hair, but after the first use my hair was so much softer that I continued to use it. I bought my first bottle at GNC for $14, but I came across a bigger bottle later at Walmart for $2.50 I have yet to crack open the cheaper bottle to see how it affects my hair, but I can say the GNC aloe vera juice works wonders. This is great for sealing and healing my hair’s weak points and softening the feel of my hair.



After I add moisture, I seal it in with my homemade, multi-purpose, whipped shea butter. I bought the shea butter at my local beauty supply for $5.  Keep in mind that shea butter is a humectant and for those with high porosity hair, using this can make your hair poofy. I use this because I have low to medium porosity hair, and the poofing doesn’t happen unless it’s really hot and humid outside. For high porosity hair, i recommend either using very little of this or applying a light cream or oil. I mix in oils to make it easier to apply and add shine to my hair. When I apply this to damp or dry hair, it makes my hair shiny, super soft and manageable.

After a damply set flexirod set with shea butter and my aloe vera/water mix, this is what my hair looks like!


Both of these products are full proof for my hair because my hair needs heavy butters and creams as well as simple things like water.

Let me know if you’d like to know more about my products and how I use them!

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